‘Art washes the dirt of daily life off our soul’ (Picasso)

The Travelling Art Gallery is an artists’ initiative of contemporary artists from South Africa.
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Please enjoy the TTAG 2024 catalogue with the works of 24 South African artists.
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Where art meets a crowd and a cause.

The Travelling Art Gallery is an artist initiative from South Africa with the aim of presenting works by young and established artists to a broad international audience. After the premiere in 2018, numerous pop-up exhibitions followed in the past years, for example in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Palma de Mallorca. Works by 26 artists are now shown on up to 1,000 square metres.

In addition, The Travelling Art Gallery hosts smaller art events that have taken the initiative as far as New York and Miami in 2023.

More and more people who love strong, colourful art are now buying works from our online art catalogues. We are very happy about this! For this we offer, among other things, ‘virtual hanging’ free of charge! Please contact us if you like a picture from the catalogues; we will show you how it would look in your living space. Let us surprise you and contact us at


Contemporary South African art travels

The Travelling Art Gallery has no fixed location, but always goes wherever a suitable opportunity arises. Vacant properties from 500sqm in prime city centre locations with large shop windows are our preferred locations.

The response to the artists’ initiative was great from the start and the press was also full of praise for the pop-up exhibitions.
The artists and organisers are proud to be able to continue the series of exhibitions thanks to the support of various sponsors as well as private initiatives.

You can continue to look forward to great exhibitions!

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