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The Travelling Art Gallery is a South African artists' initiative with the aim to showcase the art to a wider audience internationally. After the premiere in 2018 and the successful pop-up exhibitions 2019, The Travelling Art Gallery will once again travel to Germany but additionally for the first time to Austria and Switzerland.

Please contact us should you be interested in an artwork or if we can assist around the topic art. We are just an email away: hello@thetravellingartgallery.com

Announcement video of the 2020 pop-up exhibitions

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Contemporary South African art travels

In 2018 and 2019 the The Travelling Art Gallery visited three German cities per year with 10 day long pop-up exhibitions. The response from visitors was overwhelming and the press was also raving for the artists’ initiative.
The artists and organizers are proud to continue the series of pop-up exhibitions in 2020 thanks to the sponsorship of various companies and through the support of private initiatives.
You can look forward to amazing exhibitions in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Vienna and Zurich!

Cities and dates 2020

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