‘Art washes the dirt of daily life off our soul’ (Picasso)

The Traveling Art Gallery has had difficult times due to Covid-19.
Now, exhibitions are possible again and we are delighted that The Traveling Art Gallery continues to travel.

More than ever, artists and their families are dependent on sales. We have therefore compiled the available works of art in various catalogs and look forward to seeing as many of the works as possible find new owners soon.

By clicking on the images the catalogues open in a new window.
For orders and questions please contact us via hello@thetravellingartgallery.com

The TTAG2022 main catalogue with the works of 24 South African artists.

The special catalogue with works by Andrew Ntshabele – painted on newspaper or sheet music collages.

A selection of bronze scluptures by reknown artist Adriaan Diedericks.

Where art meets a crowd and a cause.

The Traveling Art Gallery is an artist initiative from South Africa with the aim of presenting works by young and established artists to a broad international audience. After the premiere in 2018 and a second successful year in 2019, The Traveling Art Gallery should travel through Europe again in 2020 with large pop-up exhibitions.

COVID-19 abruptly stopped these plans and a total of five exhibitions had to be canceled!
2021 was also a difficult year for The Traveling Art Gallery and we hope that from autumn onwards the pop-up exhibitions can take place again in the usual way.

More and more people who love strong, colorful art are now buying works from our online art catalogs. We are very happy about that! For this we offer ‘virtual hanging’ free of charge! Please contact us if you like a picture from the catalogs; we will show you what it would look like in your living space. Let yourself be surprised and contact us at hello@thetravellingartgallery.com

Discover South Africa!

Ti Erfrischungstee has partnered with The Traveling Art Gallery and used some works by our artists on the bottles of the Rooibos Peach variety.

Contemporary South African art travels

In 2018 and 2019 the The Travelling Art Gallery visited three German cities per year with 10 day long pop-up exhibitions. The response from visitors was overwhelming and the press was also raving for the artists’ initiative.
The artists and organizers are proud to continue the series of pop-up exhibitions in 2020 thanks to the sponsorship of various companies and through the support of private initiatives.
You can look forward to amazing exhibitions in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Vienna and Zurich!

Cities and dates 2020

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