Fadiel Hermans

Fadiel Hermans

Fadiel Hermans was born in the Bo Kaap, Cape Town in 1971. An artist who lives in every artwork that leaves his easel as the memories of his childhood growing up in challenging times are still vivid. Key features in his artworks are people and images he was surrounded by. In essence, his work is his memory and his experiences, whether it is a particular colour or the way the artist tries to capture light and shadow, the idea or even the feelings he is trying to evoke with his work. His creativity, the artist believes for himself, stems from the ability to see things differently from other people.

Painting has been a constant in Fadiel Herman’s life, his parents supported his passion from a young age by buying paper and colours. The passion for painting is a deeply rooted private attempt to make sense of his life, his surroundings and his experiences. The artist constantly leads his eye and hand down the many, many paths of stories and images that swirl around in his head, hoping to successfully capture some of them on canvas and it is such a joy to watch. And with each artwork, the artist puts a story to it, all together creates a full story!

A short career in graphic design, some working years in the printing industry, and no formal fine-art training – all led to his dream: living a full-time art career which this charismatic artist has embarked on.

Fadiel Hermans paints incessantly with oils and often incorporates ribbon, charcoal and found objects in his canvases. Due to his uniquely personal and rich narrative style, his artworks lead the viewer through a multitude of storylines, which are more than often evasive and open-ended, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions. The artist enjoys giving the full story board to his works as he experienced so much of this himself.

Fadiel’s paintings are a mix of street art, pop art and graphic design, inspired by contemporary culture and sizzle with satire.

In Cape Town, Fadiel Hermans is represented at The Artists Gallery.