Michaela Rinaldi

For Michaela Rinaldi, Art has been a love and passion since early childhood. However, she never pursued it after school because starting a family required a steady income. However, when she resigned from her job in Sales in 2010, she decided to follow her heart and start painting.

“My art is my process,” she says. “A journey of growth through painting. An awakening of consciousness through my gift and a therapy that I’m compelled to go to daily and relentlessly.”

Self-taught, Michaela works primarily in acrylics, charcoal and ink, but loves to experiment.

“I am constantly finding new techniques and new ways of expressing myself. I am following no rules, no set format or trying to please. I paint from the heart; truth is my only way. I am not concerned with proportion or perfection. I capture a feeling.

“If you were to look at my art you would probably describe it as Abstract Figurative, but that is only what the eyes see. I paint from a place of feeling. The pieces are not literal, but all come from a deep place within. I would encourage you to look at my paintings with your heart, rather than your eyes. Don’t be concerned with my story; what is yours? How does the painting make you feel? What emotions and feelings does it stir in you? How does it resonate with you?

“If you can look at the piece in this way, the painting will take on a whole new life, different from person to person: a personal and intimate experience. If I can achieve this in you, then my piece is complete.”