Lazarus Ramontseng

Lazarus was born in South Africa in the Free State. He is a self-taught artist whose creativity has been an integral part of his expression since childhood.

Lazarus moved to Johannesburg soon after high school to pursue his talent. Soon after he secured residency and employment there, he was fortunate to meet established artists, Edward Selematsela, Thyza Stott and Dulcie Robinson who mentored and helped him to realise his dream of becoming a full-time, multi-skilled artist.

When not committed to his artwork, Lazarus worked as a part-time voluntary art teacher alongside Edward Selematselaat (Little Artist project for disadvantaged Children) from 2006-2011 in Berea, Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

Again in 2011 he was one of the school curators and facilitators at the Standard Bank Art Gallery in Johannesburg. The exhibition was called “Water the Thread of Life”. The aim of the Local artworks was to raise awareness on the importance of conserving water.

He also participated as an art teacher in the project “The Artist in Me” under the auspices of Naledi Arts and Culture in the Free State in 2016.

Lazarus has sold his work to art collectors from as far afield as Canada, Australia, USA, France and the UK. He continues to do so through exhibitions, websites and various social-media networks.