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                                                            Dear art lovers,

                                                            It is a particular pleasure for us to present this new online art catalogue
                                                            to you: it has never been so full of exciting, strong and emotional art.
                                                            We are proud to be able to work with all these wonderful artists and look

                                                            forward to the upcoming projects and exhibitions.

                                                            In  order  to  always  be  up  to  date  on  what  is  happening  around  The
                                                            Traveling Art Gallery, we send out email newsletters. If you have not yet

                                                            registered, you can easily do so on the website of the artists’ initiative

                                                            Of course, as always, we are at your side with help and advice when

                                                            it comes to choosing and deciding on a new work of art. Our “Virtual
                 Spokespeople and organisers of             Hanging” is very popular and gives you a perfect future impression –
                 The Travelling Art Gallery,                more on this on the last pages of the catalogue.
                 Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast
                                                            We also ship art worldwide; professionally packaged and using the best
                                                            possible courier depending on destination.
                 Sprecher und Organisatoren von
                 The Travelling Art Gallery,
                 Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast           We hope you enjoy leafing through the catalog and we look forward to
                                                            your feedback.

                                                            Carpe Diem,

                                                            Barbara Lenhard & Florian Gast
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