Pierre Issa

Pierre Issa is a young contemporary artist (born 1999) based in Cape Town. He started a degree at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art, but left after just a year because he didn’t like the teaching methods and creative direction, nor the lack of emphasis on contemporary art. “This means I am essentially self-taught,” he says, “and I try to learn more with every new piece in my portfolio.”

For Pierre, energy and art need to go hand in hand. “It is my goal to first cultivate the energy when creating an artwork, and then to get the essence of that energy across to the viewer. While being open to interpretation, my work hopefully strikes an emotional chord in the viewer without attempting to define or say too much. I try to work on this communication between the internal world of feeling and the external world of expression with every new piece, attempting to better the relationship between the two.”

He says he needs to be an artist. “Whether it is painting, music, drawing or poetry, expression is bonded to my nature. If I cease to express for too long my head might burst. I do not try to define what I am expressing as I don’t think it is something that can be defined, at least not with words. I do love the idea of making someone feel something that comes across deeper and stronger in art than if I were directly interacting with them.”

Pierre loves to experiment as he tries to find new ways to captivate the viewer, new ways to get something across. “My art is still growing, and I am still learning. I will hopefully never stop experimenting and always seek to break out of a self-inflicted box.”