Mo Nique, born as Monique Koning in December 1970, is South African with Dutch parents. She grew up in Port Elizabeth and after matriculating she moved to Holland in 1988 for the next 17 years. In 2005 Monique returned to her beloved country and now lives and works in Cape Town.

Monique’s ambition in life is personal success and to inspire others; to achieve status as a successful South African artist and to leave a legacy. She is a self-taught artist and discovered her gift and talent at the age of 17. Every time she became desperate in her life, she found release in her art.

In 2014, she found herself at a low point in her life and decided to go back to doing what she loved to do most: painting. Whilst bringing up her three children she took on the challenge of working fulltime as an artist. Art is her love, life, expression and passion.

Monique says about herself ‘I am eccentric, expressive, passionate, playful and spontaneous. One can see that in my painting style and subject choice. My portraits of mainly women…are sensual and feminine. I love using pure bright colours.I bring life into my portraits with their eyes. I feel liberated when I paint. Art chose me, I did not choose art.’

Her work graces the walls of numerous private houses as well as those of companies. In 2018 she was selected for a group exhibition of South African art in Germany.