Thabiso Dakamela

Born in 1994, Thabiso Dakamela was raised in Johannesburg, which feeds the soul of his work as a visual artist. Inspired by those living and working in the inner city, Dakamela’s art reflects the stories of their daily life challenges, victories and memories.

Drawn always to the expression of joy and optimism, he is capable of using and experimenting with many mediums, but prefers acrylics, charcoal and oil. His signature pieces blend abstract and realistic features in an impasto presentation that is distinctly unique.

Amidst today’s toils and troubles, Dakamela portrays positivity through his subject matter: women and children – two vulnerable social groups whose quest for gender equality has taken centre stage in his work in recent decades.

The artist’s use of warm and bright colours, especially on his backgrounds, add a touch of complexity especially where mixed media and brush strokes are employed. His textural and tonal variations imbue a positive, uplifting spirit that facilitate audiences in digging deep within themselves to unlock their true potential through facing and tackling problems head on. In so doing, they inspire hope. Thabiso Dakamela’s whole essence of living is to make someone else feel alive too.

He is a sharp observer and social commentator with an amazing gift of being able to analyse his immediate surroundings and its influences on the social fabric of life!

The artist has participated in various workshops and exhibitions that have played a pivotal role in his career development and growth. The trajectory of his career, wherein which he is finally able to be recognised as a full-time artist, is developing beautifully.